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Collateral Management Solutions

Canadian lenders rely on D+H to protect their capital

Managing collateral in a loan portfolio is a necessary but complex and time-consuming activity - and it can be expensive and inefficient to maintain the specialized expertise required in-house.

Mitigate risk with D+H’s holistic view of Collateral Management

D+H offers lenders an end-to-end Collateral Management Solution with a suite of services that supports the entire lending lifecycle. This enables lenders to manage collateral efficiently while remaining focused on their core profitable business. Whether performing due diligence searches, registering liens, discharging mortgages, or recovering assets if a loan goes into default, D+H’s integrated solutions work with the incumbent business processes and rules to reduce risk and deliver a seamless experience for both staff and customers.

To help to improve lenders’ overall risk mitigation strategy, D+H has identified 4 tips that can help them to rein in commonly overlooked risks not normally found on risk scorecards. 

Navigate multi-jurisdictional rules and regulations, with a single point of contact

Thanks to the company’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise, D+H’s solutions make it much easier to manage the intricate environment of jurisdictional rules and regulations - and to coordinate multiple vendor relationships. Providing a single point of contact for the various registries, law firms, collection agencies and other partners financial institutions work with through the life of a loan, D+H’s Collateral Management Solutions are both straightforward and cost effective to implement - and deliver a return on investment (ROI) by improving efficiency, reducing risk and mitigating against losses.

The best Collateral Management solution in Canada just got better

CollateralGuard® Enterprise, D+H’s next generation search and registration solution, is a unified, cutting edge technology platform that enables lenders to secure their interests and meet due diligence requirements with ease. The foundation of the new platform incorporates and further enhances key elements from our legacy search and registration platforms; including our proven data validation features, while also delivering net new features and functionality.

Introduction to CollateralGuard Enterprise


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