D+H is the largest national provider of asset recovery services and insolvency management solutions to Canadian lenders.


Moveable Property Recovery and Remarketing - Comprehensive solutions for the recovery and remarketing of all types of moveable property assets pledged as loan collateral.

Real Estate Property Recovery - Enabling lenders to better manage all of the activities and stakeholders involved in the mortgage enforcement process.

Unsecured Recoveries - Connecting lenders with collection partners and streamlining the management of recoveries for unsecured lending products such as credit cards and student loans.

Insolvency Management - Lenders are able to administer bankruptcies, consumer proposals and credit counseling programs more efficiently thanks to D+H’s purpose built technology, combined with expert managed services.

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Business Benefits

Recover losses, while Safeguarding your Reputation with D+H

Managing the variety of activities involved in recovering assets on defaulted loans can be challenging. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the process, including lawyers, trustees and bailiffs. In addition, the regulations governing recovery differ by jurisdiction - and different assets may require specialized expertise. It is a time consuming and complex process that, when managed effectively, means the lender’s reputation can be safeguarded and losses recovered.

Maximize Recoveries. Reduce Costs. Mitigate Risks

D+H’s Recovery Services address these challenges by providing lenders a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for both secured and unsecured recovery activities. These solutions enable recoveries to be coordinated through a single point of contact, allow efficiency to be improved, operating costs to be reduced and time spent on non-core administrative activities to be minimized. Integrated technology modules ensure lenders always retain complete visibility and control over the program. And using D+H’s Recovery Services, lenders benefit by remaining at arm’s length during the recovery process, so protecting their brand reputation.

Comply with Legislative Policy and Industry Security Requirements

Thanks to extensive expertise in recovery management, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the complex regulatory environment, D+H empower lenders to operate in compliance with federal and provincial legislative requirements - including non-regulatory industry data security standards, such as PCI.

Industry Leading Customer Support

Our solutions are supported by the largest, most experienced and proven team of recovery and insolvency experts in Canada. The D+H Recovery Services Customer Care team can be reached at or 416-253-6939.