D+H is the largest national provider of search and lien registration services to lenders.


Search and Registration - D+H’s comprehensive search and registration offering enables lenders to make informed decisions and mitigate portfolio risk.

ClearCharge - ClearCharge is an automated, centralized mortgage discharge solution designed to streamline the transaction process and reduce risk.

Know Your Customer (KYC) - D+H’s eSearch solution simplifies the request for information that lenders require to comply with OSFI regulations and global KYC standards.

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Business Benefits

Remain competitive yet compliant in multiple jurisdictions

The ability to carry out thorough due diligence and lien perfecting is critical to the lending process but the completion of these tasks quickly and accurately is particularly challenging when managing the complex environment of multiple jurisdictions. Balancing the process efficiently and accurately has a direct impact on customer experience. It is expensive to build the appropriate capability internally - and difficult to remain current across jurisdictions.

D+H Registry Services give lenders the solutions they need for the efficient processing of lien registrations and discharges, due diligence searches and the acquisition of a variety of collateral-related documentation. This single point-of-access platform manages the unique rules and regulations of each jurisdiction and integrates easily into any lending operation. The result is a reliable registry management solution whose simple, intuitive user interface ensures an efficient and seamless experience for users.

Next Generation Technology

D+H is continuously reinvesting in our current platforms and building innovative new technologies to allow our clients to spend less time managing their collateral and more time focusing on their core profitable business. CollateralGuard® Enterprise, D+H’s next generation search and registration solution, incorporates key elements from our existing platforms, including proven validation features, to ensure the continued protection of customer’s interests. In addition, the new solution delivers enhanced risk mitigation, reporting and greater operational efficiencies.

Industry Leading Customer Support

Our solutions are supported by the largest, most experienced and proven team of registry experts in Canada. The D+H Registry Services Customer Care Team can be reached at or 1-866-873-9780.