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Enhancement Services

With D+H’s Enhancement Services, Canadian financial institutions are able to offer their customers value-add products that will help them to increase customer loyalty and diversify revenue streams. By tapping into D+H’s expertise and strong industry partnerships, Canadian banks and credit unions can deliver innovative programs that differentiate their services and provide exceptional value to customers.

Protection for consumers in a digital landscape

As Canadians are increasingly engaging in online activities such as social media, online shopping and digital payments, they are becoming more exposed to the risk of identity theft and fraud. Organizations can capitalize on this growing market need for protection with partnership programs developed with D+H.

D+H offers two complementary services:

  • Identity Monitoring and Restoration Services
    • Monitors registered personal and financial information online
    • Raises alerts when personal and financial information and privacy is at risk
    • Educates customers on the risks of identity theft
    • Helps to restore identity in the event of theft or loss
  • Credit Monitoring Services
    • Monitors Canadian credit files every day
    • Raises alerts when there are significant credit file changes
    • Provides monthly credit score updates and quarterly credit report updates

Partner with D+H today to provide customers with identity protection services.

Enhancement Services Products