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Student Lending

Students are part of a diverse customer segment with unique needs. Lenders to this segment need a partner who can offer the purpose-built technologies, experience and deep industry insight that can help them deliver a superior program.

Student lending is a specialized activity. Student lending technology and program management is also a specialized activity. Fortunately, D+H is the Canadian industry leader in this field, servicing key clients such as the government, plus a number of Canadian financial institutions. D+H supports over 1.7 million students and administers a $21 billion customer portfolio. D+H has a deep understanding of the Student Lending ecosystem in Canada, including the needs of the various stakeholders involved. This makes the company well equipped to meet the needs of its clients.

D+H’s student lending solutions include the technology applications and the deep program management expertise necessary to manage a client’s program across the entire lending lifecycle – from loan origination, through loan maintenance and loan repayment, to loan discharge.

D+H’s student lending program is a feature rich solution that provides:

  • Secure, reliable technologies that have been ‘purpose built’ to manage the complexities and unique characteristics of a student lending program while meeting the lender’s risk, privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Unrivaled experience in managing day-to-day interactions with students on behalf of lenders and across the entire loan lifecycle. This includes reaching out to students using channels and tools that are most relevant to this segment/customer.
  • Innovative repayment management programs designed to minimize loan delinquencies and defaults.
  • Deep industry expertise and rich insights, including the D+H Student Index, to help institutions develop and evolve detailed program requirements in line with public policy guidelines.

Benefits of the D+H Student Lending programs include:

  • Improving program efficiency through successful, established customer programs for debt repayment and management.
  • Mitigating risk thanks to the specialized technologies and processes developed to help lenders achieve their risk and compliance objectives.
  • Improving customer service and student borrower satisfaction with programs that talk to students via the channels and using the language that they understand
  • Increasing operational efficiency, when contracting with D+H to manage the lending program on their behalf.

White papers:

D+H Student Index: Canadian Students Strive for Success by Investing in Post-Secondary Education

This report reveals Canadian students’ definitions of success in terms of life and career, also exploring their thoughts on the value of post-secondary education in achieving success.



D+H Student Index: Outlook on Life After Post-Secondary Education

This report reveals Canadian students’ outlook and expectations for life after graduation from post-secondary school. Topics include transition to the workforce, salary expectations, debt repayment and how well students think post-secondary prepares them for the workplace.



D+H Student Index: Canadian family discussions on financing post-secondary education

This report explores an interesting and often overlooked aspect of post-secondary education: the dynamics between students and parents when it comes to funding.


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