Value to Billers

Payment Manager delivers up-to-date account information directly from a customer’s financial institution. It saves time, improves the customer experience, and reduces the risk of missed pre-authorized payments. Billers are notified of customer changes and no longer have to chase customers for updated account information. By easing the burden on biller agents, Payment Manager reduces operational costs.

Value to Customers

Customers can enjoy greater control, convenience, and rewards by:

  • Managing pre-authorized payments via online banking
  • Setting up, transferring, or updating account information and ensuring all billers are notified, with just a few clicks
  • Setting up recurring pre-authorized payments to be paid on a rewards card
  • Avoiding late fees by never missing pre-authorized payments — and maintaining a strong credit rating
Key features
  • Automatic account reconciliation – Customers can update account details once (e.g., new credit card expiration date), and Payment Manager will inform all relevant billers.
  • Web services – With just a few clicks, customers can convert existing one-time payments to pre-authorized payments, without having to enter their account details.
  • Intelligent biller match – Payment Manager automatically returns biller names with similar matches.
  • Account number tips – Payment Manager will display the biller’s account number format, if available. Customers will be prompted if the number they enter doesn’t match that format.
  • Accepted pre-authorized payment type by biller – A customer chooses a preferred pre-authorized payment type and is prompted for an alternative if the biller doesn’t support the preferred type.

Business Benefits