Identity Theft Protection

D+H partners with financial institutions looking to enrich their core offerings with identity monitoring and restoration services.

In an increasingly digital landscape, customers need to take steps to manage their online exposure.  D+H’s identity monitoring and restoration services help customers to navigate online with confidence and to minimize the harmful impact of identity theft.   

Key features include:

  • Monitoring of personal information online
  • Alerts when personal information online is at risk
  • Insight as to where personal information may be at risk, including details of where personal information is bought and sold
  • Identity restoration services in the event of theft or loss
  • Mobile App so customers can access identity monitoring services on the go

Partner with D+H today to help provide identity monitoring services to customers.

Business Benefits

Increased Customer Loyalty

Organizations strive to create positive customer experiences that will increase customer loyalty. The addition of value-add services can increase the stickiness of core products. Canadians are increasingly aware of the dangers of personal identity theft (some 70% of Canadian adults admit to being very concerned about identity theft*) so are likely to be receptive to services such as identity monitoring.

(*2015 CPA Canada Fraud Survey)

Differentiated Offering

In a highly competitive banking environment, financial institutions must enhance the value of their products and differentiate them from competitors. Organizations can enrich their core products by offering identity monitoring; a customer-centric solution that will be valued by customers who gain peace of mind by knowing that they will be alerted to potential identity thefts.

Diversified Revenue Streams

Financial institutions can generate additional revenue by extending their core products with enhanced services. Being membership-based, identity monitoring services offer the opportunity to drive revenue through recurring fee income. New cross-sell opportunities in core product categories can also be created by leveraging this kind of enhanced service.